Breakfast feeding program; The breakfast feeding program was initiated to attempt to reduce the incidents of school dropouts or absence from school due to children being unable to have a nourishing breakfast.

Medical Clinic; With the assistance of “Is There Not A Cause” a missionary group out of Trinidad, 2 medical clinics have been conducted with the children of the program.

Annual Christmas Party; Sandals Regency St. Lucia has organized an annual Christmas party for the children of the CLAP program.

Lunch feeding program; CLAP has realized that in addition to not having breakfast to sustain them before they get to school, the children often do not have lunch when they are at school. CLAP has endeavored to provide a light lunch for the children of the program who otherwise would not have been able to have lunch.

Learning Center; Ms. Leonty is currently trying to acquire a space in a new building that is being constructed in the Marchand Boulevard area. At this new location, Ms. Leonty plans to open a computer learning center in Marchand Boulevard. She also plans to open a library in that same location as well.

Saturday afternoon reading program; Every Saturday at 4.30pm the children of Marchand Boulevard gather in front of Ms. Leonty’s home where they have group reading sessions and several other educational activities.

Mentoring Program; Ms. Leonty plans to eventually have a mentoring program through which the general public can spend time with the children and perhaps positively influence and impact their lives.
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