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Marchand Boulevard is poverty stricken, economically deprived and densely populated inner city area. The lack of employment opportunities have resulted in high incidents of crime, gambling, prostitution, and other criminal activities. Unfortunately, the children are the ones worst affected by these impoverished conditions. For many of the children there is no father figure, due to incarceration, irresponsibility and in some instances death. There are also instances of absent mothers due to incarceration, irresponsibility and death as well.

As a concerned member of the community and a missionary worker, Ms Leonty felt the need to provide assistance to the children of the Marchand Boulevard area. She thought that immediate attention should be placed on the illiteracy problem that most of the children in the CLAP program suffered from. Her solution to the problem was to have the children come to her home every Saturday for reading lessons and other educational activities.

CLAP currently caters for children in the age range of 4-13 years. The program has however assisted adolescent youth beyond that age range, and has broadened its mandate to reduce incidents of school dropouts at the primary and secondary levels. CLAP has also introduced a breakfast feeding program. With the aid of a team of missionaries from Trinidad & Tobago, CLAP has been able to hold medical clinics for the children of the program.

Through Ms. Leonty and the CLAP program, medical attention had been given a child with Blounts Disease which led to the surgical correction by Dr. Horatious Jeffers. Dr. Simone Liverpool has also graciously offered her services free of charge to the CLAP program. Sandals resort also throws a Christmas party for the children of the Program.
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